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Art Ink Print offers high quality fine art printing and reproduction services at our print shop in downtown Victoria BC. We ship to artists across Canada!

Our digital printing uses the latest technology for greeting cards, books, calendars, artists prints, postcards, and more.

Need limited edition giclee prints? No need to order the whole print run at once, we guarantee every print will match the artist’s proof kept in our archives.

We carry stock of envelopes, clear bags and backing boards for clients who print with us.

Wondering how to get the best digital files of your paintings? Let us scan or photograph your artwork in our studio for professional results!

Need precision colour matching to your original artwork? We provide a critical colour calibration service available for any art we have digitized in-house.

With over 25 years of experience in professional design services, our team can create beautiful layouts and designs to match your style of artwork.

We help artists market their creative work to the world, offering tips and advice in person and in our ‘artists handbook‘.

Peace Dove under Fire by Leah Bojey
Artist Resources

Why Artists choose us for their fine art printing.

  • We guarantee consistency in colour and quality with every order!

  • We provide an exceptional standard in fine art reproductions on archival papers, using cutting edge equipment and technology.

  • In-house design service for calendar layouts, book publishing, art cards and more.

  • Our team members all have backgrounds in the fine arts, we use our expertise to offer social media and marketing advice.

  • Whether you are a budding artist or a national treasure, we spend the time to explain and walk you through the process to start sharing your art with the world.

Wood Veneer


Eco Kraft




Wood Veneer


Eco Kraft


Art Ink Print is a unique fine art printing studio run by artists, with over 20 years experience in colour printing, graphic design and photography.

We value the importance of faithfully reproducing our clients artwork, which is reflected in our attention to details and colour matching accuracy.

Our professional print proofing and file management system sets us apart from other print shops. Thereby enabling us to guarantee reprint matching for years to come.

We specialize in giclee reproductions on museum grade papers and canvas, and produce arts cards and affordable high quality digital press prints.

Our professional art scanning and photography services provide superior colour accuracy, tonal control, dynamic range, and rendering of fine detail.

Supporting artists by offering advice and marketing tips, we offer free 15 minute consultations to new clients looking to reproduce their work.

We care about the environment and print entirely on FSC, and SFI environmentally certified papers on the digital press.

Low wastage, pigment inks & modern print equipment help us keep our footprint small.

Check out these articles from our Artist’s Handbook for examples of our quarterly newsletter content.

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  • woman sitting at easel

    Best Painting Practices for Fine art Reproduction.

    Best Painting Practices for Fine Art Reproduction. Here at Art Ink Print we take great care to reproduce our clients original artworks as faithfully as possible. Creating a high quality digital image is the foundation for every print job, a low resolution or poorly lit photograph results in distorted printed images [...]

  • Digital Capture

    Photograph your painting: our Art Card capture service.

    Photographing your paintings for the best quality digital files. Here at Art Ink Print we offer Image Capture services. We can photograph your painting or scan your original art piece to create a digital file we can print from. We recommend photographing all works on canvas, also any paintings which have [...]

  • edison lightbulb


    1. Tell your story. How do you describe your work? Be ready with an engaging narrative. Try describing what you do to a friend and have them summarize it for you. 2. Simplify. Focus on the things you care most about and drop the projects you are less [...]

  • All about our Art Cards and Design service.

    Here at Art Ink Print we offer a design service which ensures the back of your card ties in perfectly with your style of work, using fonts unique to each artist we print for. Think of this as a form of branding, which can include an artist bio, your [...]

  • All about our Giclée Prints.

    The word 'Giclée' (pronounced "zhee-clay") is derived from the French verb 'gicler' meaning “to squirt or spray”. This digital fine art printing method combines superior quality pigment inks with archival papers for the most accurate reproduction of art work, thanks to our diligence in colour profiling and print proofing. [...]

  • woodland path through trees

    All about our Papers and Card-stock for the digital press.

    We are often asked by our customers what different papers we have available and the qualities they have. All of our stock comes from renewable sources or contains recycled content and is FSC certified, we have tried and tested many papers to find the best! Our standard stock is [...]

  • Tips for packaging your Art Prints securely

    We are often asked by our customers the best way to package their prints for shipping, it's so important to take care so that the item arrives safe and sound.  We can never be certain that the parcel will be handled carefully during it's journey (as much as we [...]

  • Copyright FAQ’s

    Where can I get copyright-free images for reference? Often as an artist you need images to incorporate into your artwork either as reference, part of a collage, or some other element. But, as an artist, you also know that you don't want to infringe on anyone's copyright by downloading [...]

  • cloud and devices graphic

    Tips for sharing digital files of your Art

    If you have created your art digitally or have high quality photo's of your hand crafted masterpiece, share it with us with the greatest of ease, following these handy tips! If you're visiting us in person, bring your files along on a memory stick or DVD. High quality image [...]

  • colour swatch and magnifying glass

    Behind the scenes at Art Ink: The proofing process

    We are very critical when it comes to colour matching our prints to the original artwork or image files, so proofing is the foundation for achieving great results.  Our repeat clients love our attention to detail and know the process from submitting artwork through to receiving the final product, [...]

  • instagram logo

    Instagram Tips for Artists

    An instant connection to a whole world of potential admirers Instagram is an increasingly popular on-line community built around an "as-it-happens" stream of photos (short videos now too). Members upload their photos and add a short description that often includes hashtags - a word or phrase beginning with the # [...]

  • Do You Know What Your Jpegs are Doing?

    Are you storing your image files as JPEGS? If so, you may inadvertently be losing clarity and detail over time, compromising print quality. It is a surprisingly little know fact that JPEGS are NOT a particularly great way to store your artwork files. For anyone who edits their own artwork images, [...]

  • paintbrush and varnish

    Varnishing Art and Reproductions

    Why Varnish? Varnishing art can be a bit intimidating. You don't want to damage your painting or drawing by coating it so you may be tempted not to varnish at all! Many people wonder if it is even necessary. Here's why we think it is! Coating your Originals: Oil [...]

  • camera and scanner

    Scanning and Photographing Artwork to Make Prints

    Is scanning or photographing artwork better for reproductions? You want to make your painting or drawing into a full size reproduction, or maybe made into art cards. How do you know if you should get your artwork scanned or get it captured (digitally photographed)? Scanning: Scanning provides much higher resolution images [...]

  • woman with megaphone

    How To Speak With Confidence About Giclees

    What is giclee? Although originally devised in America, the term “Giclée” derives from the French verb “to spray” and refers to ink being sprayed onto paper. We use the term to denote a high quality ink jet print. Art Ink's giclee printers differ from your home printer in that [...]

  • CARCC logo

    Protect Your Copyrights

    Perhaps you have heard of CARFAC (Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens). This professional organization for visual artists is a well respected voice for artists. But have you heard of CARFAC's related organization CARCC? CARCC (Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective) licenses and administers copyright for visual and media artists in Canada. Here's [...]

  • cartoon

    File Naming Conventions and Digital Image Wrangling for Artists

    File Naming Conventions If you've ever struggled to find an image you need and gotten lost in endless folders in your computer you will understand the importance of having a system to organize your files. A file naming convention will make it easy to use your computer's search function [...]

  • coins and a seedling

    How to Price Your Artwork

    We often have artists ask us how much they should price their prints for, which usually leads to a larger discussion of how much to charge for their originals in relation to prints and giclees. While there are no hard and fast rules, it is a good idea to [...]

  • Lumix digital camera

    How to photograph or scan your artwork for reproduction

    Want to try creating your own digital files for art cards and press prints? Here is what you need to know to photograph artwork and get good results. Camera Settings If you have a RAW setting on your camera, use it. If not, put your camera on its highest quality [...]

  • newsletter

    Promote your artwork with a newsletter

    An email newsletter is a great way to let people know about your upcoming shows and the fabulous new works of art you've created. Our clients who send out newsletters tell us that they never fail to make sales when a newsletter goes out. Your fans WANT to hear [...]


I’ve been working with Art Ink Print for eight years and Scott and company are simply the best. The quality of their products and customer service is second to none. I don’t know where my business would be without them!

Kari Lehr

I first met Scott in 2012 when I was fairly new to the art world (as a business) and knew very little about prints, art cards, etc. Art Ink Print has been a great asset to my business as customers are always impressed by the qualities of the paper and overall printing of my products. I had some art cards printed elsewhere before I stumbled on Art Ink Print’s website, but after meeting Scott and having a few card sets done up, I’ve become a loyal customer. Scott and the Art Ink Print Team not only offer excellent and high quality printing, but are also full of art wisdom and tips. It’s always nice to go in and pick up orders as everyone who works there is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Amy Frank

Art Ink Print is an absolutely phenomenal company! This was my first time using their printing services and the results (with both the prints and the customer service) far exceeded my expectations! I am so glad that I chose this company to make my prints for me as they were so helpful, patient, kind and supportive during my first attempt at reproducing my artwork. I will definitely be using their services again in the future! Thank you!

Gabrielle Parent

Many thanks for finding a image in his files that we hand lost. What a great feeling.

Lynda McKewan

Thank you Scott, for your passionate dedication to excellence.

Sekoya Dawn

Many thanks for the fast and good quality work you consistently produce. My clients are pleased with the quality which helps my work look even better! I am looking forward to working together on more projects hopefully soon!

Fern Spackman

Dear Scott and Karina, It’s been great to work with you this year! Scott, you are a joy to do colour proofing with – enthusiastic & accommodating & you know your stuff!!

Carol Evans

Thank you for another job well done Scott. You have such an eye for detail and such a desire to do it right, that it just makes the printing part so easy now. After the years of struggling through that stage, it is so wonderful to to have my mind free to just paint… I am truly blessed to work with someone who has the integrity level I hold dear, and at the risk of sounding repetetive, the thanks are always sincere.