Photographing your paintings for the best quality digital files.

Here at Art Ink Print we offer Image Capture services. We can photograph your painting or scan your original art piece to create a digital file we can print from.

We recommend photographing all works on canvas, also any paintings which have glossy finishes or a lot of texture. Scanning is perfect for paintings on paper, or even works on smooth birch wood cradle boards.

Our camera and studio set-up gives us great flexibility! We have polarized lighting to omit any glare or reflection from metallic paints or gloss varnish. Our top of the range camera captures stunning quality images. We take color calibration very seriously, as we understand the importance of faithfully matching your original painting in print format.

We keep costs down when photographing art for archiving or printing on cards.

Our ‘Art Card Capture’ service offers a 300dpi digital image file, maximum print size of 6″x9″ at a cost of only $40 per capture (as of Feb 2018).

Once the capture is complete, we take a close look at the digital image. After editing out any blemishes (if requested), we make adjustments to the colour balance according to our profiling set-up. Consequently we can get an accurate representation of your original work.

If we are designing the card back for our customer (see examples on our website HERE) we request details of any text to be included. Typically a website address, contact details, artist statement or bio – once completed we email an image file of the layout for our client to proof read and approve.

Finally we print a proof and make any adjustments needed to get a close match to the original painting. We always show our customers a proof for a final approval before we commit to printing the card order. All of these steps help ensure our customer is happy with the cards they receive, we keep a record of all image files and proofs for repeat orders, so we can make certain they match!

If you are looking to print your work to a larger scale, perhaps the same size as your original, we can easily accommodate your needs… if you are able to fit your canvas through our doorway, we can capture and create a digital image for you! Just ask us for an estimate on cost.

CONTACT US if you would like to start an order or have any questions.