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Jul, 2018 11:23 am

Artist Q&A with Heather Midori Yamada

2023-03-14T12:21:30-07:00By |Artists Q&A|0 Comments

AIP: How would you describe your style of work and what is your preferred medium to work in?  HMY: Mixed media with hand made Japanese washi papers and canvas, collaged and all manner of waterbased paints, inks, beeswax , acrylic mediums (Tri-Art Professional),  primarily abstraction from Nature AIP: What were you first steps toward [...]

Jul, 2018 11:21 am

Artist Q&A with Peter Robertson

2023-03-14T12:22:03-07:00By |Artists Q&A|0 Comments

AIP: How would you describe your style of work and what is your preferred medium to work in?  PR: I am a painter/illustrator and I would describe my work as realism for the most part with some abstracts thrown into the mix.  I have completed a large number of my projects in gouache on [...]

Oct, 2017 3:42 pm


2023-03-14T12:22:43-07:00By |Presentation & Marketing|2 Comments

1. Tell your story. How do you describe your work? Be ready with an engaging narrative. Try describing what you do to a friend and have them summarize it for you. 2. Simplify. Focus on the things you care most about and drop the projects you are less interested in. You only have so [...]

Oct, 2017 1:17 pm

Our Art Cards and Design service.

2023-03-14T12:25:19-07:00By |Design Services|0 Comments

Here at Art Ink Print we offer a design service which ensures the back of your card ties in perfectly with your style of work, using fonts unique to each artist we print for. Think of this as a form of branding, which can include an artist bio, your contact details or website address... [...]

Sep, 2017 9:08 am

Our Archival Giclée Prints.

2023-03-14T12:34:41-07:00By |Print Products|0 Comments

The word 'Giclée' (pronounced "zhee-clay") is derived from the French verb 'gicler' meaning “to squirt or spray”. This digital fine art printing method combines superior quality pigment inks with archival papers for the most accurate reproduction of art work, thanks to our diligence in colour profiling and print proofing. We carry a selection of [...]

Apr, 2017 2:37 pm

Our Digital Print Papers and Card-stock

2023-03-14T12:35:10-07:00By |Print Products|Comments Off on Our Digital Print Papers and Card-stock

We are often asked by our customers what different papers we have available and the qualities they have. All of our stock comes from renewable sources or contains recycled content and is environmentally friendly certified, we have tried and tested many papers to find the best! Our standard stock is a coated one side [...]

Jan, 2017 12:21 pm

How to Package your Art Prints securely

2023-03-14T12:36:00-07:00By |Presentation & Marketing|Comments Off on How to Package your Art Prints securely

We are often asked by our customers the best way to package their prints for shipping, it's so important to take care so that the item arrives safe and sound.  We can never be certain that the parcel will be handled carefully during it's journey (as much as we hope), so here is our [...]

Jan, 2017 12:10 pm

Copyright FAQ’s

2023-09-19T15:18:25-07:00By |Copyright|Comments Off on Copyright FAQ’s

Where can I get copyright-free images for reference? Often as an artist you need images to incorporate into your artwork either as reference, part of a collage, or some other element. But, as an artist, you also know that you don't want to infringe on anyone's copyright by downloading random images from the internet. [...]

Jan, 2017 10:28 am

How to share digital image files

2023-03-14T12:37:38-07:00By |Digital Image Files|Comments Off on How to share digital image files

If you have created your art digitally or have high quality photo's of your hand crafted masterpiece, share it with us with the greatest of ease, following these handy tips! Our online order forms are the easiest way to get started, and allow you to add all releveant details such as size and paper [...]

Oct, 2016 5:07 pm

Art Ink Print’s Proofing process

2023-03-14T12:38:18-07:00By |Print Products|Comments Off on Art Ink Print’s Proofing process

We are very critical when it comes to colour matching our prints to the original artwork or image files, so proofing is the foundation for achieving great results.  Our repeat clients love our attention to detail and know the process from submitting artwork through to receiving the final product, but for newcomers to the [...]


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