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Certified Paper

130lb Cover Stock

This textured paper with a subtle pebbled finish
offers an authentic feel with a striking tactile effect.

Adds depth to your printed images, excellent
for line work, bold colours and stipple art.

Natural, yet refined.

Solar White - 96 bright

Classic Stipple

Certified Paper

130lb Uncoated Cover Stock

Elegant natural woodgrain texture
captures the character of real wood.
Featuring heavy embossing on one side of the sheet.

Expertly crafted with a consistent side to side finish,
these papers deliver flawless and consistent
performance on a digital press.

Good for simulating wood texture in drawings,
paintings and pastels.

Solar White - 96 bright

Woodgrain Texture

Certified Paper

80lb Uncoated Cover Stock

A natural organic Kraft paper suited for full color digital printing.

Let your imagination run wild with high quality graphics
set against the rustic look and feel of a Kraft sheet.

Manufactured with 100% recycled fibers for
the environmental friendlier choice.

for White and Colour inks

Kraft Paper

Elemental Chlorine, Acid, and Lignin - Free
Environmentally Certified Paper

Champagne (toothy surface with a raw finish) 110lb cover
Silver (pearl finish, iridescent) 105lb cover

Aspire Petallics - Among the world’s most luxurious printing papers.

Petallics adds sophistication, shimmer and shine to high-profile
art print projects, delivering extraordinary impact and elegance.

The specially engineered surface in our 'Champagne' sheet contains
the natural mineral mica, which truly delights and dazzles.

14pt coated cover stock

Metallic/Pearl papers

Cherry Wood 130lb cover
Maple Wood 130lb cover

110lb Uncoated Cover Stock

Printable real wood veneer sheets size 19"x13"

This is a very exciting new option on the digital press,
as this has never been possible before.

Print with white ink to mimic screen or lino printing!

14pt - Wood surface with white backing

Wood Veneer papers


Take part in the wonderful world of modern fine art digital printing. Critical colour open edition printing, for those where the right colour matters.....

The paper industry is undergoing a renaissance in paper development and craftsmanship. Mostly due to the advances in digital print technology and the fine art paper industry. Higher environmental standards and growth in quality control has opened a new door to the artist.

Traditional crafted papers are returning, new art papers are emerging, and quality craftsmanship is never a sin. Never has an artist’s choice been so extensive/affordable in reproducing their works of art. Create elegant, rich tones while maintaining even the most subtle detail on a wide range of papers and substrates.

Artist’s images can now be applied to a wide range of new textured/smooth art papers. Try our simulated wood textured paper, or perhaps real wood veneer (cherry or maple). Choose from a wide selection of paper finishes: clay coated, metallic, matte, vellum, silk, and an assortment of textured surfaces. Want your work to sparkle? Try a metallic paper.



Visual surface enhancement. Careful photoshop masking allows us to apply varnish in the patterns of your own brush strokes or edges.
Adds a wonderful depth to shadows and simulates the broken surface texture of an acrylic painting.
This stunning effect is for the connoisseur of fine art painting reproduction on a digital press.


It’s not every day that a product comes along that is a game-changer for an industry, but that is exactly what white ink is to the fine art printing industry. White ink has provided the opportunity to expand our offerings to include products printed on dark and unusual substrates to create special-effect pieces of art.
White toner printing looks great on coloured media and can achieve effects that are almost impossible with a standard CMYK setup. It’s particularly effective for fine art open edition printing, where eye-catching and originality is a must.



Clear coat your whole image, page or even a specific area with clear varnish coating.
Add durability, protection and a wonderful sparkle to that reproduction.
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