The museum quality of our canvas reproductions is sure to satisfy a serious fine art print collector.

Printing on canvas is tougher and more durable than conventional paper prints. It has been consistently shown that giclee canvas prints last longer than anything else available on the print market. The natural texture of the canvas gives these prints the look and feel of an original painting.

Our Canvas base – Archival Exhibition Matte

Our Exhibition matte Canvas enables a wide colour gamut for prints that require stunning, museum-grade image quality and durability, without the use of Optical Brighteners (OBA). This is an acid-free, lignin-free heavy weight (395 gsm) canvas, built on a polyester and cotton blend that is specially coated to produce vibrant colours as well as rich, deep blacks and tonal gradations that distinguish them from competitive products. This elegantly textured canvas features a matte non-reflective surface with a bright white point and exceptionally high Dmax. The canvas base is enhanced with elastic polymers, providing high tensile strength and flexibility for gallery wrap stretching without cracking. All of our canvas printing is done on an archival matte canvas base and varnished to the artist’s choice (satin or matte).
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Varnish Coatings

All canvas prints require varnishing to protect from: UV lighting, shield the surface and enhance the density of the pigment inks (satin or matte). We only use the best varnish available in the giclee industry, specifically formulated for archival pigment giclee printing. All of our varnish is applied with a turbine air system (best possible application) to deliver an even dense glaze, providing exceptional UV and damage protection, that will last for years and years. Canvases that are coated this way can be dusted and cleaned without damaging the print or varnish for years to come.

Rolled Canvas – Un-Stretched

You can have your canvas print varnished and shipped (with options for borders) with-out stretching to reduce shipping costs and possible damage, and then have them stretched at your local framing shop. We work to standard sizes for all canvas print borders to allow for stretching, 3” borders are added (2” colour edges). Custom borders are available upon request, but recommend following industry standards.

Stretching Services – Canvas Stretched onto wooden frames (3/4” or 1.5” bars)

We offer museum grade canvas stretching services on wooden bars for  3/4″ or 1 1/2″ bars. Our standard wrap is a gallery wrap (wrapped around and stapled at the back, to provide a clean framed like appearance), but we can also provide mirrored edges (image mirrored around the edges to give the appearance of painted edges). We work to standard sizes for all canvas print borders, a 3/4” bar requires 2.5” of borders added to the image file and a 1.5” bar requires 3” borders added. Custom borders are available upon request.
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Art Ink Print Certificate


A COA accompanies a giclee print and verifies its quality and authenticity.

It certifies the artist’s name, date, signature, the title of the work and confirms the high quality of the inks and paper (or canvas).

A limited edition COA verifies that the print is part of a limited edition run. Open edition prints will still benefit from a COA that states when the work was reproduced and guarantees high-quality archival inks, papers, and canvas.

If you want to go beyond our standard COA we can custom design COAs just for you, so that they thematically match your work and include some of your personal information.

We provide standard limited edition or open edition certificates of authenticity free of charge on request with giclees.