Things to consider when choosing a mat for your prints for sale:

Thinking of presenting your prints pre-matted and ready for framing? Whether you are choosing a precut mat and standard frame, or custom cut mat, this article helps take out some of the guess work!

– If you have your prints pre-matted and can tell potential customers that they fit into standard frames, you have a great selling point. Pre-made frames will save time and money when a client wants to put your artwork up on their wall.

– White or off white mats will set off almost any artwork as well as match almost any decor. An easy choice!

– Precut mat sizes, and standard frames vary from store to store. Check your window sizes carefully before ordering your prints.

– To make easy-to-frame prints you may want to start with a standard rectangle when creating your original. Long, skinny mats or mats slightly off from square will only be available with custom cutting.

Even if you can’t fit your image into a standard precut mat window, you can still fit it into a standard frame.

– Mat suppliers like ArtWorld in Victoria BC. offer very reasonably priced mats with standard outside dimensions and custom cut window sizes.

– Check around to make sure the standard frame size you have in mind is readily available in art stores and frame shops. What may be standard in one brand or in one store may not be so in others.

– When ordering your prints keep in mind that your mat window size should be a bit smaller than your image size. If they are exactly the same size you will have trouble lining them up without your borders showing. Either order your mat window a bit smaller or your print size a bit larger. Mat cutters will not automatically make this adjustment, they will make the window size exactly as ordered.

– Remember when ordering prints you will need to specify both your image size and the border size. Having a border will make your prints easier when choosing a mat for your prints to sell to your customers.

– Once your print is matted, finish packaging it professionally in a clear resealable bag with backing. We offer backings in several weights to suit the size of your print. Our backings can be cut to any size you need.

– Consider putting a business card or certificate in the back of your packaged print so that you are easy to contact later on.

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