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Art Ink Print Printing Services

Art Ink Print Archival Ink Jet Printings
Art Ink Print offers printing services designed especially for artists. We know how important colour and detail is in your fine art prints and promotional materials. We care about colour and know you do, too! Our calibration services include colour correction, image manipulation, retouching, and photo-restoration services. All of our devices are custom ICC profiled. You can be assured that all scanners and monitors are colour managed and properly calibrated for accurate colour quality at all stages of the imaging process.

Colour Adjustments

Art Ink Print Colour Management ProfessionalsWe specialize in critical colour matching exclusively for fine arts.We reproduce consistent colour results time and time again. Our digital and giclee processes are custom calibrated and screened specifically for the reproduction of paintings and watercolours. We use state of the art digital press technology and high end colour ripping software (EFI Splash) to fine tune colours like never before.

Once your paintings are professionally digitized, they need to be calibrated to match the colour and tonal values of the original. If you are printing giclees, we calibrate and proof right on the archival media/papers of your final prints. If you are getting digital prints, we make proofs on your selected card stock. We are extremely fussy about colour matching and fine detail. Once the match has been finalized we print and file your colour printer’s proofs here on site. All digital files are stored and archived for future editons or repeat orders. You can be sure that your colours will match whenever you order reprints.

Image Adjustments

Art Ink Print Photoshop AdjustmentsDo you have an image that needs a little extra care and attention? We have the time, the patience, and the skills to provide the high quality retouching and manipulation services you need, leaving you free to concentrate on your art.

Whether you have a batch of images that need light retouching, or a complicated image that needs special attention, you can rest assured that you’ll receive friendly and professional service. Retouching services include: colour/density correction, rescue of under/over-exposed images, removing imperfections, photomontage, resizing or restoring a painting to its original glory. Old damaged photographs can also be restored. With over 20 years experience in Adobe Photoshop and digital manipulation, touch-ups are second nature.


Art Ink Print Professional Proofing ServicesThe final stage is to create a printers proof. These are signed, dated and filed along with your archived digital files to make sure that all future print editions match the original painting (our specialty). Calibrations and impositions are a one-time cost.


Art Ink Print Digital File Archiving

Your digital file and image proofs are kept on file for future reprints. By archiving a proof we have a colour reference to match, even when technology or supplies change over the years. All of our files are backed up to keep them safe and secure. We will also gladly pass along your image files to you, whenever you need them.

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