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Giclee prints are quickly becoming the new standard in the field of art. They are widely praised for their exceptional quality by major artists, photographers, galleries, and museums.

Giclee prints are without question the closest replication of original artwork that is currently possible. We work directly with artists and galleries to produce the best quality limited edition archival giclees available. We specialize in colour accuracy and attention to detail, because colour matters!

Giclees are perfect for a limited edition print series or open edition prints. No longer is it necessary to print your full edition all at once as it was with Lithography or Offset printing. Print what you need, and expect precise consistent colour matching every time. The visual quality of a paper giclee print is extremely high, and the colour saturation and definition stunning, rivaling traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes.

What is Giclee?

Giclee Fine Art Prints (pronounced “gee-clay”) are extremely high quality, archival grade, digital prints that use an ultra fine inkjet printing process to produce images of intense colour and vibrancy. Giclee printing is widely regarded as one of the very best fine art printing methods currently available and has become extremely popular with artists and photographers displaying their images in art galleries, museums, and exhibitions. This sophisticated digital reproduction technology utilizes light-fast and UV-resistant pigment-based inks with more colours than regular printing, to produce beautiful digital reproductions that last much longer than those produced using traditional commercial fine art printing techniques. Giclee inks are lightfast to an extremely high standard, and are designed to be printed onto specially developed archival quality papers. The results are superb quality prints with unparalleled vibrancy and detail