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Giclee prints are quickly becoming the new standard in the field of art. They are widely praised for their exceptional quality by major artists, photographers, galleries, and museums.

Giclee prints are without question the closest replication of original artwork that is currently possible. We work directly with artists and galleries to produce the best quality limited edition archival giclees available. We specialize in colour accuracy and attention to detail, because colour matters!

Giclees are perfect for a limited edition print series or open edition prints. No longer is it necessary to print your full edition all at once as it was with Lithography or Offset printing. Print what you need, and expect precise consistent colour matching every time. The visual quality of a paper giclee print is extremely high, and the colour saturation and definition stunning, rivaling traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes.

What is Giclee?

Giclee Fine Art Prints (pronounced “gee-clay”) are extremely high quality, archival grade, digital prints that use an ultra fine inkjet printing process to produce images of intense colour and vibrancy. Giclee printing is widely regarded as one of the very best fine art printing methods currently available and has become extremely popular with artists and photographers displaying their images in art galleries, museums, and exhibitions. This sophisticated digital reproduction technology utilizes light-fast and UV-resistant pigment-based inks with more colours than regular printing, to produce beautiful digital reproductions that last much longer than those produced using traditional commercial fine art printing techniques. Giclee inks are lightfast to an extremely high standard, and are designed to be printed onto specially developed archival quality papers. The results are superb quality prints with unparalleled vibrancy and detail that should literally last well over a lifetime.

Besides the brilliant colour, sharp definition, and eye-catching visual quality of our Giclee Prints, their digital nature means that they can be reproduced exactly the same, time after time, even years apart. This makes our Giclee Fine Art Prints perfectly suited to limited edition prints and art gallery sales.

Although originally devised in America, the word “giclée” comes from the French verb “to spray” and refers to the ink being sprayed onto the paper. The name was originally applied to fine art prints created on Iris printers in a process invented in the early 1990s but has since come to mean any high quality ink-jet print and is often used in galleries and print shops to denote such prints.

For non-archival printing please see the digital printing section of the website.


Giclee Process
  • Scanning/Capture of Images
    A. Scanning:  Watercolours and matte art works are best scanned for exceptional detail and colour precision.
    B. Capture:  Glossy, textured, and varnished paintings are best shot with a digital camera as the lighting can be polarized to reduce reflection.
    C. Provided digital file:  You can provide your own digital files. Images should be provided at 100% at 300-400 dpi in RGB (tiff is best). Best to include a colour/grayscale reference in your image to adjust for colour cast and reduce calibration time.
  • Calibration
    Once your paintings are scanned we need to get them ready to print. Images are cropped, cleaned, and optimized in Photoshop to begin the calibration process. Working from the original painting, we adjust the hues and densities of the colours to closely match the palette of your work of art. Test strips are printed on the actual archival paper you have chosen, until we create the final match. Actual calibration time depends on the size of the painting, complexity of the palette, and quality of the digital file.
  • Printers Proofs
    The final step before printing your giclees is the creation of printers proofs. These are signed, dated, and filed along with your archived digital files to make sure that all future print editions match the original painting (our specialty). Calibrations and impositions are a one time cost.
  • Print Runs & Media Type
    We offer a number of archival papers and canvases to suit your needs. Special order papers and canvases are also available upon request (please be aware that shipping requires extra time). We are extremely fussy about colour and cleanliness, and pay close attention to image quality and colour consistency for every order. Not only can we get the colour right, we can reproduce it time and time again.
  • Coatings
    Canvas giclees require a UV protective coating to ensure long life and protect the surface from UV light, scratches, and dirt. Available in a variety of finishes, these non-yellowing coatings seal the surface and  and make future cleaning easy. We offer an in-house service, or we can provide you with the details and recommendations to do your own coatings. We also offer an embellishment service with clear gels to add texture and depth to prints.
  • Cutting & Packing
    All giclee prints are individually hand cut to exact measurements. We inspect each and every print to ensure quality control. All prints are stored and packed flat with slip sheets in cardboard portfolios. We love it when you return your portfolios for re-use!
  • Accessories
    We carry a number of presentation products, such as backings for prints, COAs (Certificates of Authenticity), large art bags, plus much more. See our supplies page for more info.
  • Stretching
    We offer canvas stretching onto 3/4″ or 1 1/2″ bars for your canvas giclees. See a price list of our currently stocked supplies, or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
Giclee reproductions represent the highest quality and most accurate depictions in today’s reproduction art world. With care and prudence they can last for a long time, bringing you much pleasure and satisfaction!
  • General Care:  As with any valued fine art piece, it is recommended that your print be displayed in indirect lighting conditions and away from any contact with moisture. Using archival materials for mats, backings, and spacers, and museum quality framing and UV protected glass/plexiglass will add to the life of the print. The artwork should never directly touch the glass/plexiglass.
  • Environment:  Displayed and/or stored giclees require a stable environment. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can negatively affect the print. In the case of a giclee on paper with glass, condensation may form on the inside of the glass, creating conditions for mold or deterioration of the paper. For canvas giclees such fluctuations may ill affect the stretched canvas, making it loose and floppy. Cracking may also occur under extremely dry conditions. It is advisable to maintain a reasonable constant in temperature and humidity.
  • Sunlight:  Unlike original art, giclees contain UV treatments in the archival inks as well as the varnish or clear coat. Numerous tests have been conducted that indicate that giclees can withstand fading and deterioration due to direct and indirect sunlight. Some experts estimate that giclees can last up to 75 years without signs of decline. However, when selecting that perfect spot for displaying your artwork, it is best to keep them out of direct sunlight for the sake of longevity.
  • Handling:  It is always wise to handle any artwork with care. Damage to frames, canvases, glass, etc. can occur when moving art pieces. Additionally, touching the surface of the giclee may deposit natural oils from your skin that may have an adverse affect on the longevity of the surface of the painting.
  • Cleaning:  Much care should be taken in the cleaning of giclee artwork. Dust particles can be removed periodically with a light brush. If further cleaning is required, use a damp cloth (water only) and lightly brush the surface of the giclee. Never use household cleaning products to clean art! And never scrub the surface of a canvas giclee. For extensive cleaning and/or repair consult an art restoration professional.


All of our papers are archival and acid free for your patrons to collect and enjoy for years to come. We print with vivid pigment inks on wide format inkjet giclee printers. They offer the best colour gamut and consistent colour printing in the art reproduction industry. Our print technology represents a defining moment in the history of ink jet printing. We offer competitive pricing and a wide selection of acid-free archival art papers for giclees in many weights and finishes. Each print is hand-cut and hand-packaged to ensure quality control. We have both natural and white giclee art papers available in a smooth or textured finish, so that you can closely match your original piece of artwork.


 Bright White Hot Press (Smooth)

Hot Press Bright White is an acid-free 100% cotton rag inkjet paper with a bright smooth finish. This 17 mil, 330gsm paper has an extremely high colour gamut and black density, perfect for artists and photographers looking for a smooth fine art finish.


Bright White Cold Press (textured)

Cold Press Bright White is an acid-free 100% cotton rag paper with a bright white, textured surface. This 21 mil, 340gsm paper has an extremely high colour gamut and black density, perfect for artists and photographers looking for a bright white, textured surface.

Smooth natural paper

Natural Smooth

VERONA 250 HD, a high-definition fine art paper for digital imaging that, when printed, offers clean, sharp images with an exceptional colour gamut. A 250-gram, smooth, matte finish, 100% cotton paper designed specifically for fine art applications.

textured natural paper

Natural Textured

Verona 285-T Fine Art Papers are 285 gram papers made of 100% cotton linters and a traditional matte finish. These bright white fine art papers are acid-, and lignin-free. These papers are mold-made, cold press, watercolor fine art papers specifically designed with a water resistant coating that is free of optical brightener.



The museum quality of canvas reproductions is sure to satisfy a serious fine art collector. Prints on giclee canvas are tougher and more durable than conventional paper prints. It has been consistently shown that giclee canvas lasts longer than anything else available on the market.

Giclee canvas art does not need to be framed to look amazing – it can be a stretched gallery wrap style. The natural texture of the canvas gives these prints the look and feel of an original painting. To add even more dimension to your canvas giclees, we also offer an embellishment service. Using a selection of clear gels in a variety of luster, we add brush marks and texture to your prints to give them a dynamic finish.

To protect your canvas we offer UV coatings in both spray and liquid lamination in a variety of finishes (matte, satin, gloss).

HQ Professional stretching is offered on 3/4″ or 1 1/2″ bars.

canvas giclee prints

Exhibition Canvas

Exhibition Canvas Natural Matte enables a wide colour gamut for prints that require stunning, museum-grade image quality and durability, without the use of Optical Brighteners (OBA). Built on a polyester and cotton blend that is specially coated to produce vibrant colours as well as rich, deep blacks and tonal gradations that distinguish them from competitive products. These poly-cotton canvases are also the ideal weight and can also be easily stretched and coated by us, to help achieve the best combination of image quality and archival display life.

Portrait of Ansel Adams by J. Malcom Greany


Expand your horizons and try printing your artwork on a durable photo paper. Large format prints (up to 44″ wide) are available for show-stopping impact. Our photo papers are ph-neutral, acid-free, and archival. You can expect it to last 80+ years.

Lustre giclee photography papers

High Quality Luster Photo Paper

Our most popular photo paper is a premium quality e-satin resin-coated inkjet photo paper that professional photographers and artists rave about. This paper is noticeably thicker, heavier, and more durable than mass-market inkjet photo papers. The latest generation is even thicker than before at 11.5 mil. The slightly textured, satin (or luster) surface is like the E-surface papers that were popular in darkroom printing. The print surface does not show fingerprints or reflect glare like glossy papers. This paper’s excellent ink retention properties produce an exceptionally large colour gamut for bright, realistically saturated colours and accurate tones. Plus, the latest version has an even wider colour gamut and an improved white point for greater contrast.

Silver giclee photography papers

Silver/Pearl Photo Paper

Sunset Photo Metallic Paper represents a breakthrough for inkjet photo papers. This paper enables you to create stunning prints that previously could be output only in a darkroom. The metallic, high-gloss surface on this 10-mil, 255g photo paper results in prints that are sharp, vibrant, and exceptionally rich-looking. This paper provides the perfect way to make portraits, commercial display prints, and competition prints that stand out from the others.

A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY (COA) accompanies a giclee print and verifies its quality and authenticity. A COA gives the artist’s name, date, signature, the title of the work and confirms the high quality of the inks and paper (or canvas).

A limited edition COA verifies that the print is part of a limited edition run. Open edition prints will still benefit from a COA that states when the work was reproduced and guarantees high-quality archival inks, papers, and canvas.

If you want to go beyond our standard COA we can custom design COAs just for you, so that they thematically match your work and include some of your personal information.

We provide standard limited edition or open edition certificates of authenticity free of charge on request with giclees.

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