Perhaps you have heard of CARFAC (Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens). This professional organization for visual artists is a well respected voice for artists.

But have you heard of CARFAC’s related organization CARCC? CARCC (Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective) licenses and administers copyright for visual and media artists in Canada.

Here’s how CARCC might help you:
– If you have had requests for use of your images in exhibitions, reproductions, etc – you could benefit from CARCC’s licensing services.
– If your artwork has appeared in books or magazines you will probably be eligible for the reproduction royalties distributed yearly by CARCC.
– If you want to learn about copyright for artists, CARCC has the advice and expertise.
– If you want to proactively establish the date and authorship of a design or artwork they offer a copyright registration service.
– It is also possible that the Copyright Collective Administrator might write a letter to an offending party on an artist’s behalf in the case of copyright infringement.

The information on the CARCC site might seem a bit dense at first, but it is certainly worth a look. For specialized information on copyright specifically for Canadian artists it’s a great place to study up.