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2022-02-25T16:41:55-08:00By |Print Products|Comments Off on CHOOSING THE CORRECT PRINT SIZE FOR YOUR IMAGE

One question we often hear from artists looking to reproduce their work as giclée prints, digital prints, canvas, or art cards, is what size will my artwork print to? This handy little guide explains the options to consider before placing an order online with us. proportional scaling The most important factor, is [...]

Oct, 2019 9:57 am

Best Painting Practices for Fine art Reproduction.

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Best Painting Practices for Fine Art Reproduction. Here at Art Ink Print we take great care to reproduce our clients original artworks as faithfully as possible. Creating a high quality digital image is the foundation for every print job, a low resolution or poorly lit photograph results in distorted printed images with potential colour casts and [...]

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1. Tell your story. How do you describe your work? Be ready with an engaging narrative. Try describing what you do to a friend and have them summarize it for you. 2. Simplify. Focus on the things you care most about and drop the projects you are less interested in. You only have so [...]

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Our Art Cards and Design service.

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Here at Art Ink Print we offer a design service which ensures the back of your card ties in perfectly with your style of work, using fonts unique to each artist we print for. Think of this as a form of branding, which can include an artist bio, your contact details or website address... [...]