We love photography, but…

Why we are un-able to print photography on the digital press? Digital printing is a very different process than lab printing.

We are specialists in printing fine art paintings (and drawings) that offer a wide range of detail and critical colour palettes. We calibrate our digital press daily specifically for the reproduction of colour palettes rather than tones. Digital printing uses fine dots to create colours and tones. These dots are created by overlapping CMYK dots of a certain frequencies to recreate colours and tonal gradations. Smooth tonal gradations in photography are near impossible at the resolutions required to reproduce the colours in fine art paintings or drawings.
Photography is often made up of continuous tones and/or neutrals that require screen resolutions very different than what fine art paintings require for colour matching, critical colour and our quality control standards. Digital printing is just not the same process as lab printing, photo labs use a photochemical process, producing continuous tones using Stochastic grain of much smaller sizes to allow smooth gentle continuous tones across large areas.

To have your photography printed to a high standard, we would recommend trying a local photo lab that specifically prints photography as a specialized service.