Giclee Prints

giclee prints

Giclees are perfect for a limited edition print series or open edition prints.

All of our papers are archival and acid free for your patrons to collect and enjoy for years to come. We print with vivid pigment inks on wide format inkjet giclee printers. Our print proof service ensures colour and quality consistency for every order!

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Artists featured on this page: Leokadia Alexander, Yvonne Maximchuk, Kimberly Thompson, Caroline Hunter

Giclée prints are quickly becoming the new standard in the field of art. They are widely praised for their exceptional quality by major artists, photographers, galleries, and museums.

These archival prints are perfect for a limited edition series or open edition prints. No longer is it necessary to print your full edition all at once as it was with Lithography or Offset printing. Print what you need, and expect precise consistent colour matching every time. The visual quality of a paper giclee print is extremely high, and the colour saturation and definition stunning, rivaling traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes.
Giclée prints are without question the closest replication of original artwork that is currently possible. We work directly with artists and galleries to produce the best quality limited edition archival giclees available. We specialize in colour accuracy and attention to detail, because colour matters!
Certificate of authenticity available by request (suitable for limited edition prints only).
Painting of Trial Island

“Trial Island II” by Caroline Hunter

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