All of the staff here at Art Ink have a background in the arts

We understand that when it comes to getting your work seen and making sales, marketing is just as important as the art you create.

Here are our top tips for promoting yourself as a self representing artist and displaying your work.

People in a meeting

1. Tell your story. How do you describe your work? Be ready with an engaging narrative. Try describing what you do to a friend and have them summarize it for you.

2. Simplify. Focus on the things you care most about and drop the projects you are less interested in. You only have so much energy and you’ll get farther if your engergy is focused in fewer directions.

3. Promote. Have calling/business cards handy and samples of your work in a small portfolio.

4. Create a mailing list. Your fans want to hear from you and know about your latest projects, Mailchimp is an excellent tool for for this.

5. Learn about and use social media. Websites, blogs and social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help your fans find you.

6. Get art cards printed. An art card is a business card that people pay for.

7. Present a professional image in your packaging. Good design and presentation shows that you are organized and able to professionally represent your works of art. Include the copyright dates and contact info such your email and website.

8. Document your art work well, while it is still in your possession. Though your original artwork is sold, you retain the rights to reproduce as cards, prints, calendars etc. Make sure that your images are of high enough quality for a variety of later uses.

9. Consider NOT framing your artwork. It can be an added expense that in the end doesn’t match the purchaser’s taste. If you do frame, consider using neutral gallery-style framing.

10. Be creative and fussy! We are!

Please CONTACT US if you would like to start an order or have any questions!