Here at Art Ink Print we offer a design service which ensures the back of your card ties in perfectly with your style of work, using fonts unique to each artist we print for. Think of this as a form of branding, which can include an artist bio, your contact details or website address… great value at $30 per new card design. You can see samples of some of our Art Card back designs on our WEBSITE. We also offer a simple template service at a lower cost, should you only want a line or two of text on the back of your cards

The quality of the printed art card can only be as good as the digital image file we print from, so we do recommend your image files meet the following specifications: For Art Cards and Small press prints, your image files should be in .tiff, .PSD (Photoshop) or .jpg format at 300 – 400 dpi at 100% size, in Adobe RGB colour space.
Digital layouts (print ready) should be provided as InDesign or as high quality .PDF files (with bleed if applicable).

We can scan or photograph your original artwork for the best results if you need, or if you want to try this yourself we have some handy TIPS in our Artist’s Handbook.

When it comes to colour management, we always start with a printed proof to show our clients as we feel it’s important they see the finished Art Card before completing the print run. We keep a copy of all proofs in our print archives, we fine tune the print output of repeat card orders to make sure they match the first order placed… consistency in colour matching and print quality is of utmost importance to us! Our proofing service on the Digital press starts at only $15 per image. Check our article about PROOFING for more details.

To complete your order we can supply you with quality envelopes from sustainable sources and clear resealable polybags. Our Art Cards are cropped to size and scored, packaged in bundles and ready to easily fold and package perfectly.

Please CONTACT US if you would like to start an order or have any questions!