One question we often hear from artists looking to reproduce their work as giclée prints, digital prints, canvas, or art cards, is what size will my artwork print to? This handy little guide explains the options to consider before placing an order online with us.

proportional scaling

The most important factor, is what size your art-work will scale to proportionally. Often times artists choose to reproduce their work smaller than the original painting or drawing, and may wonder what size options are available. Use our proportionate image scaling calculator and find out what size your art-work will resize to.

Image size, borders, final paper size

We always recommend at least 1″ border for archival giclée prints, to allow for signing and / or framing; our order forms allow for different sizes to be chosen.

Digital prints can be ordered at a standard paper size and the image can be centred and printed on the sheet, depending on image proportions this may result in the top and bottom borders being a different size from the side borders… however often times these lower cost prints will fit off-the-shelf picture frames without matting.

Alternatively, you can request for your digital print to be cut to a custom size, allowing for even borders around your image… or even have your image printed ‘full bleed’ so that no borders show (this requires the outside 1/8″ of the image to be cropped away).

image size and border size diagram

Image, border and print size

Poster with image centred

Image centred on sheet

poster with even white borders

Image with even size borders

Poster example full bleed

Full bleed print, no borders

Example: an image 10″ wide by 8″ height, with 1″ borders (top, sides, and bottom) equals print size 12″x10″

professional image capture

For professional results, we can photograph or scan your original painting or drawing, we will need to know your desired print size, so we can create digital files to the correct size and resolution for print. Use our image capture calculator to see pricing options and the resulting image sizes.