Oct, 2018 2:27 pm

How long will it take for my order to be printed?

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Re-orders of prints can typically be ready for collection or shipping within 2 to 4 business days. New print files require additional time for set-up and proofing, usually an extra 2 business days for prints, up to 4 business days for art card designs and layouts. Prints on canvas can take 7 to 10 business [...]

Oct, 2018 11:19 am

Do my art cards come with envelopes and plastic sleeves?

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We can supply you with envelopes and plastic sleeves which fit your cards perfectly! Prices for these are dependent on the total quantity ordered, we have prices on our SUPPLIES page. You can also use our Art Card Price Estimator (above) to calculate the total cost of your cards with envelopes and sleeves. Please note, [...]

Oct, 2018 5:00 pm

Do your minimum order amounts and price break quantities count for mixed images?

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We take great care when producing art cards and prints, making sure the colours consistently match the proofs which we keep on file for every single order we print. Due to the high level of attention and time required to make adjustments to the printing press for colour matching, we have minimum order amounts and [...]


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