An email newsletter is a great way to let people know about your upcoming shows and the fabulous new works of art you’ve created. Our clients who send out newsletters tell us that they never fail to make sales when a newsletter goes out. Your fans WANT to hear about what you are up to. If you’d like to start your own newsletter we can offer you a few pointers:

– We find that Mailchimp works well for us. Mailchimp is a FREE on-line newsletter builder that offers you the tools to create your own list of recipients, and templates to easily build a mail-out. It doesn’t hurt that the interface is fun and quirky (expect lots of jokes about monkeys). Another popular program is Campaign Monitor.

– Use images. You’re an artist! Make sure your work is well-represented with eye-catching images that offer good colour and good resolution.

– Build some suspense. What are you planning to do in the future? What projects can people look forward to seeing in the next newsletter?

– Talk to the people! Encourage feedback and interaction with your recipients by asking questions, or by having a competition or draw.

– Send only sparingly. We all know how email inbox fatigue happens – the companies that send a daily email are most likely to get deleted as we just don’t have the energy to spare for them. Getting an occasional email keeps things fresh and interesting.