AIP: How would you describe your style of work and what is your preferred medium to work in? 

HR: I work primarily in acrylics, I also like watercolours. It’s all about colour and Old World eclecticism at my studio. Like the mountain landscape of Crowsnest Pass – where the prairie collides with alpine – my art is synchronously infused with European sophistication and charm, yet reflects the ruggedness and austerity of the Rocky Mountains.

My favourite subjects are figures of elegantly dressed women, birch trees, flowers and abstract landscapes. I also love to take photographs. My art is available to admire and purchase.

I could describe myself as diverse (multi styled). I have days where I want to work with different colours than the day before, and also a different medium.

I can see myself living through colours. One day it’s variations of blue and grey; another day it’s canary yellow and gold which speaks to me.

AIP: What were you first steps toward selling your art and what type of setting was this in, a gallery, art & crafts show, market, on-line or elsewhere?

HR: I first started in coffee shops, gift shops and art galleries, it’s delightful to notice when people like your work.  Its enjoyable when you can give joy to people with your art. 

AIP: Why do you choose Art Ink to print your reproductions, and what products to you order from us?

HR: I got tip from another artist, and I searched Art Ink online, as well as other options and decide to go there.

I am happy the quality and their good custom service. 

AIP: If you could look back in time and meet yourself when you first started making an income as an artist; what would be the most valuable piece of advice you would give yourself?

HR: Believe in yourself and keep going!

I am happy that I have positive attitude and I just kept going. People might try and tell you what you should paint, to make your art more marketable. However you need to do what’s your passion. You need to do things for you. This way you can enjoy your art. 

Painting of a blond lady in front of birch trees

‘Thinking in Imagination’ by Heli Rantala

AIP: What are your favorite methods for marketing yourself as a self representing artist?

HR: As an emerging artist I know what kind of challenge it can be marketing yourself. 

I like to use Facebook and Instagram, but favorite way is meet people face to face. I love having visitors at my studio. 

AIP: Can you tell us an event or occasion which excited you the most, with regards to getting your art ‘out there’ for people to see?

HR: The Artist Studio Tour in Crowsnest Pass is good way to see my work. To see where and how I am working. 

Visitors are welcome to my studio often times, by contacting me to arrange an appointment.

AIP: Where can our followers and your patrons find your work, and keep up to date with your new creations?

HR: My facebook page Heli Rantala Art and instragram Heli Rantala Art are the place you can find me the easiest way. There you can see up coming events. 

My art is available to admire and purchase at my Evergreen Studio (1809 Evergreen Drive, Hillcrest Mines) in Crowsnest Pass and in Okotoks,  Lethbridge, Pincher Creek and Crowsnest Pass in galleries and gift shops. You can also find my art from my homeland of Finland. 

AIP: Any other comments you would like to share?

HR: Do what you love, love what you do! You can be yourself and that’s the best way to be. You can paint what you enjoy and that’s the best way to paint. (Or do it.)

I want to touch people’s hearts with my art.  

There’s so much cruelty and sadness in this world… I like to bring happiness and smile people’s face. 

Thank-you so much Heli for sharing your story with us, we love your delicate use of colour and your charming work always lifts our spirits!