Canvas Print Size Variation

Because canvas is a fabric, and it needs to be varnished for archival longevity, the sizing of the finished canvas can vary slightly. The giclee printer also needs to stretch the canvas taught to print onto the surface, thus pulling the cavas while the ink is being laid down.

We cannot guarantee exact sizing for canvas prints due to canvas being a natural (cotton) product which can shrink slightly when printed and varnished. This may vary according to the atmosphere and subtle nuances of difference in the canvas batches. The measurements cannot, and will not be exact each and every time, as it is for paper prints. Typically this only happens in one direction (width or length) according to the direction of the weave of canvas. The variance is not large, about a 1/8’ “(+/-) per foot maximum. We recommend building your stretcher bars after receiving the printed canvas to have them perfectly match each and every time. Print, measure, build and stretch.