AIP: How would you describe your style of work and what is your preferred medium to work in? 

HMY: Mixed media with hand made Japanese washi papers and canvas, collaged and all manner of waterbased paints, inks, beeswax , acrylic mediums (Tri-Art Professional),  primarily abstraction from Nature

AIP: What were you first steps toward selling your art and what type of setting was this in, a gallery, art & crafts show, market, on-line or elsewhere?

HMY: Very first??? Well I was still in university and sold my pen and ink drawings and watercolours in a good craft shop in Toronto. The pieces were small, so affordable.

AIP: Why do you choose Art Ink to print your reproductions, and what products to you order from us?

HMY: Best quality printing with excellent attentive service !

I do press prints, cards and some giclee on paper as well as giclee on canvas,  show invitation… 

AIP: If you could look back in time and meet yourself when you first started making an income as an artist; what would be the most valuable piece of advice you would give yourself?

HMY: To be more opening minded about marketing BUT always keeping in mind that its your reputation on the line always…if its not top drawer, don’t do it, don’t show it and for God’s sake don’t try to sell it.

Explore be patient and get a side job if necessary to give yourself time to become a human being with lots of life experience at the same time developing one’s vision…

AIP: What are your favorite methods for marketing yourself as a self representing artist?

HMY: hmmmm….Open Studios, full on art shows in galleries….through word of mouth via my art students…its all good and of course Facebook…

AIP: Can you tell us an event or occasion which excited you the most, with regards to getting your art ‘out there’ for people to see?

HMY: Last year in Toronto a video was made of a walk about artist talk I gave. You can see it on my site

To interact directly with your audience and participating in Q and A is always very stimulating for both artist and community.

Its good to have to talk about one’s process, ideas, inspriations going beyond pure techniques…

AIP: Where can our followers and your patrons find your work, and keep up to date with your new creations?

HMY: Best place is my web-site which I try very hard to keep current…  As I give teach and show in Toronto, Montreal and VIctoria and soon south western France in October, its best to check from time to time…In Victoria I am an exhibiting member of the Gage Gallery Arts Collective in Oak Bay.

AIP: Any other comments you would like to share?

HMY: I am very happy to be working with such an excellent partner at Artink…when you are collaborating with professionals you know you can count on their quality and pride in workmanship…so its win-win!

best, Heather Midori Yamada

Thank-you so much Heather for sharing your story, we love your energetic abstract work!

Abstract washi paper collage

From Sea to Shining #2 by Heather Midori Yamada