AIP: How would you describe your style of work and what is your preferred medium to work in? 

WP: Colourful, Whimsical movement. Mixed Medium with wax polish and my fingers

AIP: What were you first steps toward selling your art and what type of setting was this in, a gallery, art & crafts show, market, on-line or elsewhere?

WP: I put my work in local coffee shops, they sold well and fast and I was able to get lots of positive feedback from the owners and staff at the coffee shops.

AIP: Why do you choose Art Ink to print your reproductions, and what products to you order from us?

WP: For your Professional expertise, your time line, work ethic, your products, your enthusiasm for NEW ideas and creative input and you are local.

AIP: If you could look back in time and meet yourself when you first started making an income as an artist; what would be the most valuable piece of advice you would give yourself?

WP: I’d say BRAVO- I had FUN and looked at it as an adventure-I was positive I could do it and stubborn and I worked hard.

‘Tangerine Blue’ by Wendy Picken.

AIP: What are your favorite methods for marketing yourself as a self representing artist?

WP: I go to the places I love – Bookstores, card shops, cafes, coffee shops, hotels. I go to places where I have a positive relationship with the place and people and I continue to build on these relationships; if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it – trust your instincts.

AIP: Can you tell us an event or occasion which excited you the most, with regards to getting your art ‘out there’ for people to see?

WP: Our first BIG event-The Home and Garden show in San Francisco-What a Blast that was and I LOVE our  annual AGGV’s Moss Street Paint –in and our local studio tours.

AIP: Where can our followers and your patrons find your work, and keep up to date with your new creations?

WP: My website is the best place to go to connect with my work: it will list all my upcoming shows and events, products cards and prints. 

AIP: Any other comments you would like to share?

WP: Thank you for doing this. I think the most important things that I have learnt are to test your market first…

Make a smaller investment of $ before making a larger investment of $.

Small runs of cards or prints at first then as you start to read your market grow slowly from there.

It will help to keep your spirits up and not get in too far at the beginning, keep your feet on the ground, STAY EXCITED about the work you are creating.

AIP: We agree with you Wendy, our artists can start out with as few as 5 prints or 50 art cards per design to test their market before committing to larger volumes at lower prices.

Thank-you so much Wendy for your invaluable advice, we love your enthusiasm and joyful work!