What is giclee?

Although originally devised in America, the term “Giclée” derives from the French verb “to spray” and refers to ink being sprayed onto paper. We use the term to denote a high quality ink jet print. Art Ink’s giclee printers differ from your home printer in that the inks are pigment based (as opposed to dye based) and they are larger format (up to 44″ wide). Here are some points to remember when explaining the benefits of giclees to your customers:

• Pigment based inks. Our Epson UltraChrome K3 pigment based inks offer superb colour stability and longevity. You can get the most out of your prints by protecting them from UV rays.

• High grade materials. Art Ink’s giclee papers and canvases are archival and of excellent quality. So that you can closely match your original or get a new creative effect, we offer a variety of papers, canvases and UV coatings.

• High resolution. Our Epson printers produce very high resolution images so that none of your details are lost.

• Strict colour standards. The very large colour gamut of our inks means that the original colour you intended can be captured in the giclee. When you sign off your proof you know it matches your vision, and you also know that every print will be reproduced to match.

• The artist’s touch. At Art Ink you have input into every part of the print, from approving colour in the final proof, to the type of UV coating on your stretched canvas.

We recommend providing a certificate of authenticity with each giclee you sell. Include details such as your name (and signature), title, size, medium, edition number and date of printing. To learn more about the giclee process check out our website.